Frequently asked questions

What shall I do after I create my profile or website?

  • Bookmark your Dashboard Link
  • Copy your live profile link and update the same on your social and professional accounts

How do I access my profile?

From your Dashboard link (Bookmark) If you have forgotten to bookmark your dashboard, simply access the same as follows: name/ Template name: Online Resume

Is this a one-time cost?

No, this is an annual recurring cost as per the template and category, respectively.

Can I Update my profile or website?

Yes, you can do the same from your dashboard.

Do I get a personalized domain?

Yes, the domain will be as per your requirements. Digital Resume: First Name Last Name combination Other website: You will furnish the domain. Domain name availability will be as per WIX policy. If your domain is registered on other servers you will have to ask you team to map the same by changing the DNS settings. If you do not have any IT support please check the pricing plan and we will get the same done.

Can I get a Custom website or Resume?

Yes, you can. Please visit our pricing and plans page for more details.

Can I add additional features to my website or resume?

Yes, you can. You will have to submit a feature request. **There would be additional cost depending on the complexity of the requirement.

Can I have multiple users?

No, this is per user commercials. If you want to add a user please connect with us and we will get the needful done.