Frequently asked questions

Does pricing plan include hosting paln?

  • No, they do not cover the hosting plan.
Please note the recommended hosting plan is as follows:
  • eCommerce Website: WIX Business Plan - INR 3600 (Annually)
  • Non eCommerce Website: WIX Combo Plan - INR 1500 (Annually)
**These are price may fluctuate as per WIX Plans & Pricing

Will Maveristic align the template as per Business needs?

Yes, but it is not included in the template purchase plan. You can connect with Canute Fernandes for more details.

Is this a one-time cost?

Yes, however, the WIX plan is recurring in nature (Annual).

Will I get full access to the website?

Yes, you will have full access to the website and can perform all actions.

Can I have multiple users?

Yes, you will be abel to invite collaborators to work on your website.

Is this service refundable?

No, the purchase of any product is not refundable.

When will I receive the rights to website template?

You will receive the template and full access within 3 working days on successful completion of purchase.