Terms Of Use

Maveristic Profile Builder is owned & a subsidy of Maveristic (TM). Maveristic Profile Builder will hereafter be referred to as Profile Builder.

Maveristic is the sole proprietor and decision-maker of what the Profile Builder has to offer. Profile Builder is primarily focusing on designing and selling WIX Templates that can be purchased and edited by our customers.


This is a one-time cost and is purely Non-Refundable in nature. The Profile Builder doesn't make any commitments to develop the website as per your business, it limits its responsibility to designing the template and the editing or alignment of the template as per the business is solely & fully at the discretion of the customer.


Maveristic or the Profile Builder is not responsible if the template has tampered with after purchase.

If you need Maveristic to build the website as per your business needs you may avail of the service separately and not be considered as a service with the purchase of the template.

Maveristic will provide all necessary support for a seamless experience. Please connect with Canute Fernandes the Sole Proprietor at Maveristic.

Email: canute@maveristic.in